Why Does Your Car Make Grinding Noise At The Time Of Braking

Hearing a grinding noise when you apply brakes can be a warning. It is a sign that says that there is some issue with the working of the rotor or the brake. Most of the automobile owners would like to ignore this sign as it will require extensive repair. Ignoring these signs will cost you hefty expenses in the form of brake repair/replacement in the future.

This article tells you the cause behind the noise and what does that mean. 

What does the grinding noise imply?

A vehicle generates enormous energy in the form of heat energy via friction every single time you apply the brake pedal. Such brake pads tend to wear out with passing time. It causes damage to its caliper and rotor and the brakes to malfunction.

Defective brakes can lead to a variety of accidents. By ignoring grinding of brakes, your problem will only get worse. Highline Car Care is a leading automobile brake shop in Gilbert that performs servicing of hybrid and electric vehicles.

The reason behind Grinding Noise at the time of Braking

Your vehicle is a machine. With regular and prolonged use, it is bound to show signs of wear and tear. However, it becomes essential that you find out these issues before they become serious and adversely impact your driving. Some of the reasons why such noise can be caused are as below:

Damaged brake pads

The first reason why you are hearing a grinding noise is because of worn-out brake pads. This happens when the backing plates lose their material. It makes the metal to come in touch with other metal, and result in squeaking noises.

Inferior Quality Brake Pads

If your vehicle has inferior quality brakes then the metal chunks present in it will brush and scrape against the rotor surface. It can cause extensive damage to your vehicle.

Presence of solid object between a caliper and a rotor

It is quite normal for your vehicle’s parts to catch dust, grime, and dirt. Small pebbles or any other hard objects when comes in between the rotor and the caliper has the ability to create a grinding noise due to friction from the object. It can cause damage to these parts.


Don’t ignore the little signs that your vehicle gives you. Being attentive and taking proactive action will keep it in the best running state for a long time. On hearing such noise from your vehicle, you should get to an authorized professional at the earliest.

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