What You Should Ask Before You Select Motorcycle Transport Service

If you are moving from one city to some other distant city, then you must be looking for a safe mode to ship your motorcycle. There are many shipping companies who can ship all kinds of vehicles including motorcycles too.

Why people ship their motor cycle?

Following are few reasons why people prefer to ship their motorcycle:

  • For movement of home
  • Not interested to drive or tow the motorcycle during bad weather condition
  • Often people do not like to ship their motor cycle on open trailer and shipping company provides option for enclosed trailers.
  • Travelling with bike for longer distance is not a preferred option.

However, the service terms and conditions for every company may vary. Therefore, before you short list any shipping company for your motor cycle transportation, you must get clear answer for the following few questions.

  • What can I expect from transporter for motorcycle shipping?

If you choose the services of a motorcycle transport company like Ship a Car, Inc. then you can get following services from them:

  • Door-to-door motorcycle transport

If you seek motorcycle shipping service from SAC, then they can also collect your motorcycle from your address location. Also, they will deliver it to the address where you want to collect it.

  • Safe motorcycle shipping

They can provide you a safer mode of transporting your motorcycle to any destination that you may like. They will be transported by using enclosed trailer so that your motorcycle will remain protected against harsh weather condition.

  • Best services at much affordable price

SAC can provide you a reliable motorcycle shipping service at affordable price as compared to any other shipping company.

Make sure that other companies too, offer compatible services.

  • What kind of insurance will be included in your transport service?

There is no legal requirement for having insurance for motorcycle transport service. So, you need to always confirm whether transport service provider has any insurance, and whether that will cover your motorcycle cost.

Most companies usually insure the bike as per their current market value. So, you may confirm the same from the transporter.

  • In what vehicle my motorcycle will travel?

Motorcycles can be transported in many different ways like trains, vans, or trailers. Also, they can transport through open or enclosed trailers. Therefore, you need to confirm what mode of transportation your transporter will carry your motorcycle.

  • How my bike will be secured?

Security and protection during transportation of your motorcycle is extremely important. Every company has their own ways to transport the motorcycles.

Therefore, it will be worth enquiring from your transporter what kind of arrangement they are planning in order to ship your motorcycle.

  • Whether experienced drivers will handle my bike?

It will be important for you to know whether your bike will remain in good hands, and hence the driver who will be most experienced in motorcycle industry must drive your bike if needed.

If you prefer a specialist of motorcycle transport, then you are ensuring that bike will be handled properly. Usually, all company employees will undertake training of same level and use same quality vehicle.



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