Ways to Achieve Better Ratings and Reviews for Your Car Dealership

Reviews hold a lot of importance when it comes to buying a car. It has been seen that shoppers are ninety percent more interested to visit the website and make purchases when you have positive dealership reviews. So, it is important for a car dealer to make efforts to repair their reputation and reviews.

What makes online dealership review so useful?

As car shoppers are seen to be inclined towards carrying out online research and involve with social peers prior to forming a car selection decision, in those cases online dealership reviews can be really valuable.

Car dealer CRM uses digital channels like digital advertising, email marketing, online content and social marketing to develop brand awareness. When it comes to forming the final decision of the kind of dealership you need to actually visit, then positive e-reviews can work as an important deciding factor to help you make more sales.

Deliver Incredible Customer Experiences

The type of experience customer receives from a dealership helps it in getting positive reviews. You should make efforts to provide consumers with a seamless experience via digital channels when they are online, or calling up on the customer service call, or visiting the dealership.

On getting a consumer into the dealership, you need to ensure that your service receives 5-star experience from them. A dealership who delivers a fabulous experience is sure to make its customers happy and satisfied.

Check for reviews when your consumers are looking to leave you

Your satisfied customers require a little bit of encouragement. As consumers are seen to leave reviews during business hours, you should request them for their reviews to associate with these prime hours. There are lesser chances for satisfied and happy consumers to leave a review than an unsatisfied consumer. So, a friendly review request at this peak time will improve the possibilities to obtain more reviews.

Respond to Reviews

A dealership should respond to customer reviews whether it is good or bad. This is considered to be a good practice. The survey reveals that only thirty-three percentages of dealerships respond to reviews. Companies that take time to respond to maximum number of customer reviews are seen to create better engagement levels and higher response rates.


Online reviews are indeed “extremely” important for a dealership in performing a research procedure. It is one of the best ways to attract the millennial consumer. The above ways will definitely help you in improving dealerships reviews and attract more buyers.

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