Tips for Safe Big Bike Riding

Australia is one of the best countries in the world for big bike riding, with endless roads that lead to beautiful natural scenery and our mild winters make it possible to ride all year round. Whether you ride your big bike as your only source of transport, or you only ride for leisure purposes, safety should be your number 1 priority. Here are a few tips to ensure that your riding experience is safe.

  • Become an Accomplished Rider – Of course, you have to be a competent rider to pass your bike test, but if you are just starting out on two wheels, you should enrol in a basic riding course. This would teach you how to control the bike in a range of environments, which would include off-road riding and emergency stopping and leaning techniques, and with the best Yamaha motorcycle dealers in Sydney, you can buy your dream machine.
  • Skin Protection – You probably know that when skin hits concrete or tarmac, skin always loses, which means you need the protection that only leather provides. A decent leather motorcycle jacket is a must-have item, and while they don’t come cheap, it will last you a lifetime with a little TLC. If you don’t have leather pants, thick denim is the next best thing, and no matter how hot the weather is, never ride your bike while wearing shorts.
  • Bike Maintenance – Much like your car, your bike requires regular maintenance, which would be at specific mileage points, and that would include engine oil changes, checking chain tension, along with other aspects that the manufacturer would specify. Brakes and tyres need to be regularly inspected, as does your gearbox oil, which must be kept at a certain level.
  • Speed Kills – The faster you are travelling, the less amount of time you have to react when something happens in front of you, so when you exceed the speed limits, you are putting your life in danger. Always keep enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, especially in wet conditions, plus you need to be on high alert at all time, checking your mirrors frequently.
  • Always Secure your Helmet Before Riding – Of course, your crash helmet is there to protect your head, and if it is not secure, it will likely fly off your head before you hit the ground, which is completely useless.

You should always have the utmost respect for the power you have at your disposal, and automatically assume that all other road users are actually incompetent, as this will prevent complacency.


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