Things To Know About Cadillac Cars – GM’s Luxury Segment!

Cadillac has been making luxury vehicles for over a century now. The company, which as established in 1902, was eventually purchased by GM soon after, and since then, it has been GM’s frontline segment of luxury cars. Previously, people associated a Cadillac with luxury and style, and the brand was mainly known for its amazing sedans. GM, however, revamped the brand following severe competition in the luxury car market, and today, Cadillac has crossovers, sedans and SUVs that are worth your money. In recent times, Cadillac launched the XT6, which is their crossover for larger audiences and is priced lower than BMW X5.

If you are in California, visit dealerships like Putnam Cadillac to get some amazing advice on buying a model from this luxury brand. Before that, here are some facts worth knowing.

Knowing the terms

Cadillac is known for making sedans for sure, but in 2000s, the brand went for rehaul and came up with their own XT range, which are luxury crossovers and SUVs. The CT range typically includes all other vehicles from the brand that are not an SUV. With reference to this brand, you may have heard some great things about the Northstar¸ which was known for its incredible features and costly repairs. Their Super Cruise series is known for the ‘semi-autonomous driving system’, which allows the vehicle to operate on its own under monitoring of the driver, including acceleration and steering. Their V-series is also as popular and competes with the line of models from Mercedes-AMG.

Preowned vs. new Cadillac

This is more of a personal choice and a matter of budget. For some buyers, a Cadillac is always the firsthand model they want, while others would rather go for a preowned one and save some money. As long as you are dealing with a good seller, preowned Cadillac models are great. The best part is many dealerships can actually help you source a vehicle that was previously manufactured by the brand, with assistance on repairs, maintenance, and further sale. Keep in mind that with luxury car models, there is a concern with depreciation. So, the rate is higher on new cars, but if you are buying a relatively new Cadillac model, you will still pay close to the market price, owning to brand value and performance.

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