Learn About The Different Features Of Can-Am Defender

Can-Am Defender comes with adaptable storage, light in weight tires, and wheels that make it an ideal way to travel, work, and adapt to different types of conditions. If you are planning Defender MAX XT, then learn about the different features of this vehicle.

Features of Can-Am Defender:

Let us know some of the exemplary features of Can-Am Defender that makes it stand out from its competitor firms.

  • XT Front Bumper,
  • Hmwpe Full Skid Plate,
  • Two-Piece Full Hard Roof
  • Ground Clearance Of Up To 13 In. (33 Cm)
  • Driving Modes: Eco/ Eco™ Off / Work Modes
  • 82 horsepower or 50 horsepower
  • Heavy-Duty Rotax V-Twin Engines

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Handle tough tasks easily

Defender MAX XT is engineered with true-work powerplant options that include a sturdy 82 hp Rotax HD10 V-Twin that is adjusted to work at lower RPMs and yield 69 lb-ft of torque. This economical, versatile, and work-focused Rotax Engine delivers 50 hp power and 50 lb-ft torque that is efficient to deal with difficult tasks.

High Power

Defender MAX XT provides 2,500-lbs towing capacity, a 4,500-lb winch with roller fairlead, and 1,750 payload, that assures to perform difficult tasks easily.

Steering You Right

Dynamic Power Steering of Can-Am defender offers heightened responsiveness needed for recreational riding. It enhances steering feel during slow-speed working conditions and in technical terrain. The vehicle is designed to provide more support at low speeds, and less support at high speed.

Steep Demands

The defender comes with a strong manual parking brake system that offers a better ability to the rider to hold the machine load effectively. This feature also helps the driver to remain stationary by offering added control, mental peace, and security.

Versatile Seats

This vehicle is designed to offer heightened comfort. The bench seat of this vehicle includes strengthened seat protection with thick vinyl material and a special finish. It makes it longer-lasting, and alluring.

The superior-quality seat protection is designed to bear the daily use on the job site, trail, and farm. It is also adjustable, with a 3 inches adjustable seat of the driver to easily move the vehicle either in forwarding or backward direction to offer better entrance, and added comfort.


Can-Am Defender is the must-sought vehicle in the market. Due to its exemplary power, comfort, handling capacity, and durability make it superior to other vehicles in the market.

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