Getting Quality Car Window Tint from a Good Windshield Tint Company in Tucson

These days, a lot of businesses are looking to make a quick buck. High prices don’t always guarantee the quality of work in any business and this applies to window tinting. Even if many people prefer to tint their windows on their own, a greater number of car owners choose to leave their vehicles in the capable hands of professionals. A good windshield tint company in Tucson will help you pick the best window tint for you.

Car window tint offers protection to the interior of your vehicle from sun damage, minimize glare while driving, and enhance your car’s overall look. Also, it can reduce heat in the vehicle. But, not all window tint products are made equal and the best ones may not be easy to distinguish in a crowded marketplace. Below is a guide to help you pick the best car window tint and window film:

Understanding the Various Kinds of Window Tint

Car window tinting is categorized into non-reflective film and metalized film. A non-reflective film offers both heat and glare control through solar absorption. A dyed film is a traditional non-reflective film that offers increased optical quality and clarity through strong glare control. Also, it is less effective in controlling solar heat absorption compared to its metalized counterpart. A metalized film reflects the sun to keep it from damaging and heating the interior of a car and helps offer privacy.

Aside from these basic categories, the material used for tinting car windows also varies. A dyed film, ceramic film, and carbon film are the three major materials used. A dyed film tends to be the most cost-effective option; however, it has the highest chance of needing replacement. Meanwhile, a carbon film is dense and strong as well as has a low discoloration rate, but it can create issues with haze and glare. Lastly, a ceramic film limits such issues and has a high heat rejection. But, this material oxidizes quickly and can fade.

Understand the Different Window Film Features

To choose the right car window tint, it can help to break down your options according to the features of the different products.

These features include:

  • Shade.  This refers to the tint’s color. Ensure the tint is in line with your state laws and aesthetically pleasing to the overall look of your car.
  • Color stability. Evaluate how well the color will hold up over years of UV exposure. Find window tint choices that have long color stability or color stability of less than 1.

  • Solar control. Too much heat creates an uncomfortable and unsafe atmosphere so look for a film with good solar control.
  • Clarity. Look for a window film that provides clear visibility, minimizing reflection and improving clarity during day and night.

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