Old Items at Home That Are Worth a Lot When Sold

There’s a good chance that you own an old item at home that’s worth a lot. You even ignore it because you’re not using it anymore. It’s time for you to dig into your old storage boxes and find out if there are things you can sell at a high price. These are among the items that could be serious moneymakers.


You can search your piggy bank for Kansas Quarters. They got released in 2005, and current estimates are at $100. The thing is that upon the production of these quarters, there was an error. Instead of writing the motto as “In God We Trust,” the T in trust got dropped. If you can find one, that quarter can instantly turn into a hundred bucks.

Perfume bottles

The price of old perfume bottles varies depending on the type of perfume. Check your house for old and custom-made bottles. They’re worth a lot. You can also look at fragrances you previously bought labeled as limited-edition. There’s an organization that will purchase these old bottles from you for up to $200.

Old car

Selling a used car isn’t a new concept. People who intend to buy a new one are willing to dispose of their old car. However, even if your vehicle is no longer functional and considered junk, you can still sell it. You can find companies that will buy junk cars in Fort Lauderdale if you reside in this area. The vehicle still has a lot of valuable components. When sold, these parts are worth a significant amount of cash.

Classic video games

Some people want to walk down memory lane and would love to have your classic video games. If you hid them inside old storage boxes, you can finally make use of these items. Games such as Mario Kart 64, Super Nintendo games, and Chrono Tigger are among the most valuable. If you have rarer games, you can expect a higher price. These items could be worth up to a thousand dollars.


Everyone already moved on to computers. We have more modern computers that are capable of everything deemed impossible in the past. Back then, people typed documents using a typewriter. This machine was still in use even up to the ’90s. However, these days, no one is patient enough to type using a typewriter. However, some collectors won’t mind taking that old typewriter from you. If you have a collector’s item and a limited-edition model, it has a high value.

There are more items at home that are more valuable than you think. Start looking into old containers and storage rooms now. You might be lucky enough to find something that you can sell for a life-changing amount. Even if you can’t, you will still benefit from this endeavor. You can finally clean your place and organize the old stuff in your storage room. You can also remove unnecessary things and have a more spacious house.


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