Car Repair

Car Repair

A Quick Guide to Washing Your Car At Home

It’s easy to let your car get to a point where it looks like a hunk of mud on wheels (particularly if it’s been an intense winter), and it’s also often hard to justify the large cost of getting your car cleaned. The obvious solution is to clean your car yourself, but the issue that stops many people here is that they think it might be too difficult or time consuming. This is actually far from the case, so in this article we take a look at a few simple ways you can make your car look better than ever without breaking too much of a sweat.

Where to begin with the wash

Although you might think that your vehicle requires car repair in Melbourne, it might just be the case that it needs a good clean. And, done in the right way, it can also save you a lot of money as well! To get started with the cleaning process, the first thing that you should be doing is parking your car out of direct sunlight to prepare for the big clean. This ensures your car doesn’t dry before it should, as soapy water drying prematurely can leave unattractive splotches all over the paint and glass. Then, you can get all of your equipment and materials ready – you should have things like sponges, a bucket already full with plenty of water, all of your car wash cleaning products and a few microfibre cloths. The next step is to hose down the car so that you can get rid of all of the loose dirt and grime, and loosen up any of the more stubborn bits in preparation for your clean. If you have an older car and are concerned about getting water into any dodgy rubber seals, it’s never a bad idea to aim the hose up to help guide the water away from the windows.

Begin the big clean

The next step is to wash the wheels of your car, as there’s a good chance that these will also be grimy. Use a brush here, and don’t forget about the crevices of the wheel nuts and openings. Now you can begin with the clean of the vehicle’s body – soak the car in soapy water and then use your sponge to rhythmically address certain sections before you move onto the next area – don’t be tempted to go around the entire car a few times, as you’ll likely miss a few spots and it will be a lot more time consuming. After each section is appropriately soaped and sponged, rinse the area down and then proceed to dry the area with a dry towel so that the water doesn’t dry and leave unpleasant looking smudges. As a final step, give your car a good wax to make it look amazing and help it to shrug off any other dirt and grime for a while.

Don’t forget the inside of the car!

Cleaning your car properly is also about cleaning the interior, and this is something that many people forget (whether it be accidentally or intentionally). To get a good clean of the interior, you should have a vacuum on hand and make sure to look through every nook and cranny to guarantee that every bit of rubbish is removed. Then, you can give your dash a wide down and treat your seats with a fabric or leather cleaner, and you should be good to go!

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